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Virtual WHMIS is WHMIS 2015 (GHS) compliant
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Course Features

  • Course Material Integrity – The material covered in the program provides the student with the information they need to fully understand the WHMIS process.

  • Cost Savings: There is no travel or scheduling required – the course can be accessed anytime from any Internet connection. We also have a Canada wide toll free number.

  • The Program is Self-Paced. The user can log in an out as often as they like until they complete the course. This allows the user to proceed through the program at their own pace. The OH&S manager can also assign the employee a time period for completing the program.

  • Information: The user gains access to a valuable “OH&S links” section.

  • 100% Competency is required to complete the program. Each of the six sections of the program have four multiple choice questions. All of the questions in each section must be answered successfully for the student to advance to the next section. If the user fails a section test they are informed of the areas in the section they need to concentrate on. The next time the student enters the section testing process they will get a new set of random questions from the database. This is done to insure the integrity of the testing process.

  • Monitoring: Managers/Supervisors also have the ability to monitor a student’s access to the course, view when an account was activated, access test scores, and determine the last section of the program completed for each employee. If an individual is taking longer than normal to complete the program the manager then has the ability to offer assistance.

  • Reports are available to the firm/organization at any time. The reporting system can be accessed from an easy to use “password protected” online database at any time. When a formal report is requested the system produces a formatted and printable PDF document for your records. Records are maintained on a web server that is backed-up by tape daily.

  • Certification: Upon completion, a “Certificate of Completion” is generated for the employee and can be printed off on any printer. The user can access the program at any future point to print off a copy of this certificate simply by entering their passcodes. The program also provides a printable summary of the information learned for reference purposes. This is also accessible to the user at anytime.

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